Sunday, August 23, 2015

I Sat by the Lake at Dusk

It was a beautiful windy evening. Dusk surrounded everything in it's wake, like a dark, handsome prince. I was sitting quietly by the lake watching serenely at the surroundings.. A soft breeze danced over my face and threw an unsuspecting stray leaf on the air. I watched the secrets and the magic of the lake come to life...

Soft lights glowed and twinkled on the opposite shore, illuminating the lake gently and romantically. As the wind blew over the lake, the reflections of the lights danced on the water, as though tiny fairies were doing their ritualistic dance at dusk. As the wind gained momentum, the reflections flickered more heavily looking like ghosts from long lost tales.

A few people strolled on the banks of the lake, some, arm in arm; lovers finding a peaceful moment at their secret rendezvous.. Some were just walking by, enjoying the beautiful and gentle scenery unfolding at the lake; maybe building their own stories in their heads, like I did mine.. Some were in a brown study; their eyebrows knitted together, their foreheads wrinkled, staring intently at the lazily moving waters, thinking how complicated life and everything in it is..

One or two stars were peaking up from the sky's still dark veil, wondering if it's the right time to show their pretty selves to the world, wondering if all the time they spent dressing themselves up will go unnoticed.. I smiled at the sky, just to tell those brave stars who showed themselves the fist, that they do indeed look magnificent and the world is ready to see them yet again...

The lake's water rippled softly, a little fish doing a stunt at the bottom of the lake, while all the others were resting.. I wondered if merpeople lived at the bottom of the lake, like in the fairy tales and I wondered if they come out at midnight and sing and dance till dawn..

As a sharp gust of wind blew across my face and made my hair streak over my face, I woke from my own fantasy, half dazed. Intoxicated I was by it all.. So peaceful and quiet, so serene and calm, so picturesque and romantic... I could sit by the lake all night...

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Good Morning World!

Hey everyone!! 

I know i couldn't write on my blog for a very long time... I was super busy :(  But here i am back on my blog and i thought i should write a little about 'Morning'; something we come across every single day in our lives, but fail to pay any attention to. 

Morning; just when the sun is out is the best time of the day. You're fresh, there's a 'silence' in the atmosphere and wherever you look; no matter how bleak the surroundings are, looks so fresh and pleasant and calming.

In a few hours, when the sun begins to slowly crawl up in the sky, all this beauty i saw would slowly fade away..

I sat on a chair by the window staring outside, taking in the amazing scenery that was unfolding in front of me.  Noises started coming up from here and there; a chanting of pirith in the distance, the birds singing their hearts out, a tap running somewhere, inaudible conversations, a radio playing merry tunes softly....I was wondering why i haven't noticed all this before.

It had rained earlier, so the air was more fresh, filled with brilliant fragrances, sharper in their aroma, aroused by the rainfall..

The clouds were moving ;lazily across a powder blue sky. It reminded me of a movie i've seen recently' Agora; about a philosopher named Hypatia, who was the first to realize that the earth moved around the sun in an ellipse. She was wondering why we didn't feel the motion.

Mornings are so full of energy, unlike any other time of the day. If you wake up at the right time and look around you'll be filled with that special magical power too. And there's nothing in the world you couldn't do!

Although there were so many feelings building up inside me as i kept on watching through the window, i do not know how to express most of them and i don't think you can describe those feelings...

Well, it was time for me to go and do my studies, so i pushed my chair away and climbed down the stairs, wondering why the entire day couldn't be as lovely, energetic and fresh as a morning could be...

So Dear Readers, let me know if you've noticed any of these things about a morning or any other time of the day too.

Have a great day!!
Miss I.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

It's Time For MOVIES!! Again!!

Hello Everyone!!

Sadly, i've slipped out of the habit of blogging.. With a bunch of things to study there's absolutely no time for anything!! :(

BUT... I've watched some great movies, few though they are. And i had a small request to continue with the movie recommendation in my previous post It's Time For MOVIES!! and so here i am!!

Without further ado here they go, the top ten movies i've watched (when i had the chance ;) )

The Adjustment Bureau

It's a wonderful movie that makes you move along with it. It's about how your destiny is written down in a book and all the events in the world are monitored by a special crew called the ' Adjustment Bureau'. It's about a fight a guy puts in order to make sure he has the girl he wants and finally he rewrites his destiny.

Simple though it may sound, you'll never see the beauty of this movie until you watch it!! 


You think you die and that's it?? What if you can escape Judgement and sneak back into the living world again?? Not a chance until the 'Rest In Peace Department' is up and running!! 

A super cool movie, a bit like MIB. But don't worry there and no zombies or ghosts :D Lots of laughs!!

The Pride and Prejudice

A beautiful film creation of the beloved novel. Everything is so positively charming,it simply entices you! Lovely sceneries and lovely music.A beautiful romance between a young couple and their struggle to keep it up, when back in those days getting your daughter married to a reputed man is the most important thing to a mother. It"s so lovely that you feel like jumping in to their world! BEAUTIFUL!!

Meet Dave

What if a spaceship came to earth and it looked just like a normal human being and you couldn't tell the difference?? With Eddie Murphy and the spaceship 'Dave' a load of laughs are guaranteed! All those silly things he does to be like a normal person!!! LOL!!


Did you know you could be made to dream.... something that someone else wants? Did you know that a whole different world can be created and you can go there in your dreams with anyone you like. But there'll be a day when temptation is so great that you don't want to leave the dream world, and you'd no longer know the difference between the dream and the reality.....

The Great Gatsby

A beloved classic created as a film with Leonardo Dicaprio. It's a beautifully romantic story that will take you to a very very different world. The entire movie is extremely glamorous!! The colors are so vivid, it's simply amazing!! It's the story of the unbelievably huge and glamorous parties Gatsby throws, just to catch a glimpse of his old times' love.You can watch it over and over again, but still no be able to describe what you feel!!

Despicable Me 2

If you loved the first movie, you're gonna LOVE this!! It's just soo funny!! I'll never get over the minions and Gro!!  It's how Gro is recruited to catch the bad guys, since he's retired from being a bad guy himself. A definete must watch!!


The Hobbit (Part 1 and 2)

Prequel to 'The Lord of the Rings', this sets the story of how Bilbo, hence Frodo and his friend find their way on an adventure, and how Bilbo comes in to possession of the 'Ring' and how he meets the dwarves and Gandalf and also Gollum.

It's so much more interesting than reading the book. Directed by Peter Jackson, the movie is a beautiful creation of that beloved fantasy world of Tolkien's.


Inspired by a true story, it's the story of how the first 'black' person enters the baseball  league. A beautiful story of his determination and the struggle he puts up to rise above all and prove the world wrong.

Now You See Me

An excellent deception caught in movie! It's the story of how one man plans his vengeance for a crime long ago, with the help of four skilled street magicians. If you don't watch carefully, you'll fall into their deception too!! An amazing movie. It's something very different to what you see everyday.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Let The World Wait..

I was sitting in the balcony just watching the world go by. I was supposed to be doing some work but the evening was breathtaking and i simply had to be a part of it! It was a beautiful  January evening.

The sky was a lovely shade of orange with a tinge of purple here and there. It reminded me of the golden beach that i so, longed to go. I was there on New Years Eve celebrating like crazy!! I couldn't believe 2014 is already here. But here it is and moving slowly forward...

Two crows were sitting on a wire side by side silhouetted against the evening sky, like me and my prince charming i thought.They really did make a cute couple!! I wonder what they were thinking, sitting there staring into the fading evening...

A soft breeze was blowing, caressing everything it met. It was very welcoming on a hot day like today. I hugged myself with delight! I felt a sudden aliveness! My dog Rex was playing with a piece of cloth. He was enjoying the evening just like i was and thoroughly amusing himself!

The cat slinked past giving threatening looks at the dog. She came up to where i sat and crawled up beside me. She wanted to relax and just be. I stared around taking every detail in. Sadly i'm not skillful enough to write it down all..

Night was falling fast, and the surroundings were becoming more quiet. The two crows had flown, off to their own private lives. Everything was perfectly still, cloaked in night's dark veil. I collected my things and stood up to go. My eyelids were becoming heavy. I suppose i was intoxicated by everything around me......

Sometimes i wish i could be a part of that beautiful scenery rather than being myself, because being me sometimes meant such a lot of work, a tangled heap emotions and a lot of pretences pretences... 

But this is a new year with a new beginning and i should slowly work my way into making tiny adjustments here and there in my life. Afterall a new year a new hope with a lot of new promises, isn't it? 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

An Orchestra In the Making

The strings hummed gently and softly, the piano rang out brightly, the music ran chills down my spine, pulling out memories long lost.... It made me cry, they sang of two lovers and their journey through lifetimes together and apart...

I am one of the pianists, watching, observing their every move.

It's a meditation, each player one with their instrument, a deep obsession, an undying passion, a hidden connection. And if you listen carefully like i did, you could here a silence in its most ironical form, beautiful and fulfilling...

The instruments were warm shades of bronze,brown and green, the grand piano was sitting stealthily enclosed in it's vast blackness. The lights shone, casting a soft glow over the orchestra, longingly, fondly as if it understood the meaning....

The clarinettist played his lines over and over, making sure the music sounded the way he wanted, making sure it pleased him. The saxophone joined in, a soft jazzy melody playing with our ears, teasing our emotions, daring them to reveal themselves.

My hands rushed to the keys of the piano, and made me strike a deep bass chord and then made me leap into a joyful flow of notes. Just as the guitarist was about to follow my lead, a soft breeze blew over my music sheets.. I looked up at him with a teasing smile. :) We started all over again.

What a wonderful thing music was. It speaks the language of the world. You don't have to know any language to understand what it tells you. And how more wonderful is it when so many instruments are speaking, whispering, bellowing in their own voices giving out a lovely meaning in perfect harmony...

The instruments erupted with another brilliant and lively tune drawing me back from my dream world reluctantly. The tune caught me up and made me tap my feet to the beat.

One last thing, we're all scientists on stage! :-) 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Learning To Smile! :)

 Have you ever felt very sad, or angry or lonely or something along the line, and managed to smile through it somehow and felt so good and you could never even think of describing that incredible feeling??? Well that's what i'm kinda sorta gonna do now :)

Within the last couple of weeks i've had a pretty rough time, and then suddenly it occurred to me what if i smile? what if a laugh a bit?? Guess what i did?? and it felt awesome!!!

If we can learn to smile and acknowledge the little hardships our lives throw us, things won't be all that black or grey. Things will take on a more vibrant colour. And we won't feel all that lost and miserable and that huge load of negative emotions.

You might say that it's so much easier said than done, and you're absolutely correct. But once you try it, you'd see its not all that bad, and i'm pretty sure you'll think 'i should do this next time', and before you know it things won't bother you so much.

I'm saying all this stuff, because i myself am a sort of person who reads into things a bit too much when i'm not supposed to :P and that'll cause me a load of unwanted complications. But i'm trying to smile through it, and to see that i actually worried for absolutely no reason at all!! And i end up having a good laugh at myself!! :D

I know that it's difficult to try this on non-silly, serious situations, but then let them be as they are, if you learn to smile off the little things, that will be a few things less for you to worry about yeah?Think of it as writing off a few bad debts that doesn't seem much compared to the others. :)

Always have a good time with everyone you meet, (i know it's just so impossible with some people!), but like i said, leave them out, enjoy with the others. And it doesn't take much to have a nice time with someone, you have to try to see the best in them; like i heard on a movie i watched recently (i haven't actually put it to practice yet ;) )

A smile, even the briefest, can heal so many aches :) So give it a try, and smile harder, you will feel so much better, and things will start getting better for you. If you stumble on your way that's ok, it's perfectly alright, coz you know you can never feel bad when you're smiling!! :)

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Live, Not Just Survive!

Hello Everyone!!

It's been such a long time since i wrote in my blog, hasn't it? I've even forgotten how to get along the blogger control panel!

 Even Mr Handsome has asked me why am i not writing in my blog anymore. He knows as much as i do that this is where i can truly speak my mind without having to care what others say ;)

I don't know why i haven't taken time to write, but i do know it's mainly coz i've been up to my eyes with stuides for the past couple of months, and will be for two years :(

 I'm always thinking 'ooh i should write about this, or that' or 'i should write about that festival, it was so colourful and bright!' but the sad thing is i never do write anymore..

And i finally i decided to write, today, right now, putting everything i must do behind me. If i won't write today i'm sure as anything that i won't ever. And that's why i chose this very title for my post.

To tell you'll a little secret, i had long time ago typed this title and saved it, to write when the time came. And i think the timing can't be more perfect.

I was looking at the past two months and i've realized that all i do is go for lectures at the University, come home, do whatever's due for tomorrow eat and sleep. I'd go out when both me and my prince charming get some time off and that's pretty much it! (he's elder than me and he's working and he gets so very busy too :( )

And it's just me struggling to cope up with things, go with the trends and all that, simply put i'm just surviving!! That's not living. It can't be, can it??And i don't know how someone's life can''t be more pathetic than that! It's not a pretty picture to paint.

And i think it's about time i change that. I don't wanna survive, I WANNA LIVE!!! And that's exactly what i'm gonna do.

I mean this carefree, leisurely time only comes once in a life time and that's when you're young,  even if you're not young anymore, whatever the stage of life you're in now will come only once. And if you don't seize that opportunity to LIVE then you never will!

You might think 'she doesn't know what she's talking about'. And maybe i don't, maybe i do, but deep deep down, you know i'm right, you know this is not the way to live your life.

That is if you're also up to your eyes with studies or work from morning to night and hasn't much time to do whatever makes you happy, like me. And as far as i know that's the way it is for almost everyone, unless you're a kid or retired or so damn rich that you don't have to study or work!! :D

No, it doesn't mean you have to have a bunch of money and endless time to party or whatever. But it means you have to take time off from what you do every so often, to smell the roses, to see how beautiful the things around you are, to notice the little things that makes you happy, to see your little daughter sing and dance in the rain, to see and appreciate the little things that your partner does to make you happy.

It's all in those small things; things that you don't take time to notice because you're too busy living a 'life' where even you don't know what's going on.

Take time to dress up, look good when you go out, take time to shop for things you love (even if it's just window shopping! ), take time to do all the little things you've always wanted to do for yourself... Do it coz it makes you happy, not because its what you're supposed to do; at least for once in your life.

And with that my dear reader, i will leave you, until i write a more clourful and cheerful post again, very soon. So do think of what i've said in my own way, see how it applies to your life, and see how you can LIVE, not just survive!! :)

And you know what? It felt so good to write this little post and make it pretty with pictures, and to leave everything else behind for a few minutes :)

With lots of love,
Miss I.